Mon, 05 Apr 2004

Last ride?

Paramedics were loading him on a stretcher while continuing CPR when we happened on the scene. He was an older gentleman, ashen gray and lifeless. A passer-by had apparently found him lying there in the trail just east of Barker Road. Jenny teared up as they wheeled the gurney past us—she thought she recognized him.

Perhaps we’ll see a note in the paper or hear a news bite to let us know what happened and whether or not he survived. But it didn’t look hopeful. The paramedics seemed matter-of-fact going about their business. There didn’t seem to be the urgency you would expect when there is hope for a life hanging in the balance.

They wheeled his bicycle up the trail after the ambulance departed.

I assume it was his last ride.

Jenny will be searching faces on the trail this summer hoping it wasn’t the friendly older man she remembers from last year. They always waved and smiled at each other.

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