Wed, 22 Sep 2004

Mad Cow

Yesterday, on my ride to work I was surprised to see a huge cow enter the street just ahead of me. It made it's entry from behind a business on Sprague Avenue and McDonald Road and went trotting up McDonald at a good clip, detouring briefly to trample sprinkler heads and lawn ornaments before heading east down Main.

As I passed Main I could see the cow headed into the sun flinging streams of snot left and right as its head bobbed and blowing clouds of steam.

The cow was really moving and looked mighty unhappy. I didn't want to get too close being quite vulnerable on my open-air, two-wheeled vehicle. But a block later, realizing I had a digital camera in the handlebar bag, I made a U-turn and went back in search of the runaway.

I missed the photo op, though. The beast had disappeared.

Shortly after I arrived at work, Jenny called. She wondered if I'd seen a cow on my way to work. Sure did! I told her. She'd gone to Buzzy's (a drive-thru espresso stand) for her tall-hot-skinny-single-white-coffee-mocha (sounds like a personal ad, eh?). There were cops everywhere, she said. One went racing through the Buzzy's parking lot while she waited in line. The girl that waited on her told her they were trying to capture an escaped cow.

This morning, there was an article in the Spokesman Review (subscription required) about it.

Apparently, a butcher shot the cow but didn't kill it. Police finally brought it down but not before they shot it several times. It changed officers and a police car, and I'm sure it frightened a fair number of school kids waiting for busses and walking to school.

You really never know what sights to expect when traveling on two wheels.

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