Sun, 05 Jun 2005

I’m a runner!

I never thought I'd say that. Yet, the past three Saturdays, I've run 10, 8, and 12.8 miles respectively. With those runs under my belt, registered for the Saint George Marathon, and a training plan underway, I'm ready to label myself a runner.

Last fall, inspired (nah, that's not the right word—incited, provoked, psyched, perhaps) by cycling companions Joe and Steve, I began running. Within a few short weeks, I was suffering from excruciatingly painful shin splints. Over the winter, refusing to be defeated, I did as much running as I could—a simple 1.5 mile loop around the neighborhood, followed by a day or two of rest before repeating. I became a regular at Performance Physical Therapy where they stretched, massaged, iced, ultra-sounded, and electro-stimulated my painful shins.

Then, as suddenly as they appeared, the shin splints abated and I began running, pain free, more frequently and for longer distances. Jenny and I participated in St. Paddy's Five, the Coeur d'Alene Spring Dash, and Bloomsday where I met my goal of finishing the 12K run in under an hour.

Joe and Steve are training for the Coeur d'Alene Ironman, a feat I may never attempt. They are running twice the distances I am, often immediately after 100-120 mile training rides on their slick, new tri-bikes. At this point, I'm just happy to have endured a difficult start as a runner and not to have let it defeat me.

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