Mon, 27 Jun 2005

Congratulations Ironmen: Joe and Steve

Our good friends and cycling companions Joe and Steve had outstanding performances in the 2005 Ironman Coeur d'Alene. Joe finished in under 11 hours (10:52:49). Steve was just 12 minutes behind him and closing fast. He finished in 11:05:07.

Jenny and had the great pleasure and honor of being at the finish line when they crossed it. This was our second year as volunteers. We worked the 6PM-9PM shift at the finish line handing out finisher T-shirts. We had just started our shift when Joe came in, sweat drenched and tired, I'm sure, but he gave us a huge grin and was obviously pleased.

Steve's wife and daughter were also working the finish line as "body catchers." Not long after Joe came through, Pam and Angie showed up with Steve between them, his arms draped over their shoulders. He was clearly exhausted. I almost caught him, he said when I congratulated him.

Indeed, he did. Although Joe was faster in the swim and on the bike, Steve gained almost one minute per mile on him in the run.

It was a long day for all of us. While Joe and Steve were still in the water, Jenny and I started our first volunteer jobs—Jenny worked on the sunscreen team; I worked at the Bike Special Needs Aid Station at Higgins Point. I got a shout and wave from both Joe and Steve as they went through. Neither stopped for his bag, which meant their rides were going well and they opted to keep riding an not lose any time.

In the afternoon, I rode my bike back from Higgins Point, had some lunch with Jenny, then watched the first finishers arrive before we started our shift at the finish line handing out T-shirts.

Jenny and I are extremely proud of Joe's and Steve's accomplishments. They are amazing athletes, as mentally tough as physically strong. We were honored to be part of their Ironman experience and we're looking forward to hearing the stories we're sure they have to tell.

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