Tue, 19 Aug 2008

“Dad! You’re just crazy—and weird!”

Well, it wasn't exactly the endorsement I expected from the daughter I love.

She called just after 9PM thinking, finally—finally!—she would be able to catch me when I didn't answer my cell phone from my bike with the wind noise louder than my voice.

But she was wrong. I had just hung the halogen head light on my bike and pushed it out the front door for a short ride.

The temperature finally dropped below 70 degrees. Tomorrow's forecast is for rain—all day. With the near full moon rising in the east and the red lights gleaming on the radio towers to the west, stars in the sky, and quiet, empty roads, I couldn't think of a better time for a ride.

So, April asked a quick question and left her crazy, weird dad to his ride.

It was a beautiful ride. Quiet. I rode to the top of Belle Vista where I could see the city lights below me in the valley, and even over the ridge, downtown. I met only a handful of cars and they gave me plenty of room.

There was a little breeze and the only sound was its passing through the trees. A half mile from home a deer trotted across the road in front of me and I could hear the ting its rear hooves made strumming the wire fence it lept in the dark.

The only bad ride is the ride you don't take. Tonight's short ride in the dark was—perfect.

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