Tue, 26 Aug 2003


I've written before about the wildlife we've seen on our bike rides: Canadian Geese, rabbits, chipmunks, quail, hawks, deer, a box turtle, ground hogs, a crane, etc. Last year, I saw a coyote. The year before, on a ride up Dishman-Mica Road, I saw a sad, but incredible site a deer, probably hit by a car, running on three legs, the left hind leg broken and flopping, and a coyote in hot pursuit. They crossed the road just ahead of me and the coyote shot me a quick glance but remained undeterred.

Sunday, Jenny added a new creature to the list.

We were making our usual ride on the Centennial Trail to the I-90 rest stop on the Washington/Idaho border and back. About ¼mile before reaching the rest stop, I passed a couple with a baby stroller. I warned, On your left, as I approached, but they did not move from the center of the trail. So, I passed on the left with less clearance than I'm comfortable with, but went safely by, nonetheless.

As I passed, I turned and shouted, One more coming!

We had a great tail wind. I had pulled away from Jenny on a gentle incline a couple miles back and gone on my own to the rest stop at a good clip. Jenny was just less than a minute behind me.

Between the time I passed the couple and Jenny reached them, the guy decided to relieve himself. So, when Jenny came around the corner, much faster that he would ever have expected, I suppose, there he was exposed to the world.

Jenny was fussing and fuming when she got to the rest stop. Not only was she disgusted, but the couple left her even less room to get by than they left me.

Anyway, it was a first. Add trouser snake to the list of wildlife we've spotted.

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