Mon, 08 Dec 2003

Dad’s notes

Mom has been boxing and sending Dad's books to me—hundreds of them. I've been working on a database to store information about Dad's books including a scanned image of each book cover, with a web interface. I'm using MySQL for the back-end database and Mason running under mod_perl for the web front end. More on the application development later.

Yesterday, I pulled one of Dad's books out a box at random. Tucked inside were several notes, including the following:

Screw holding driver

I find these notes of Dad's fascinating. I'm not sure what the formula at the top is all about (if you know, please e-mail me). The screwdriver diagram is particularly interesting. Is it an original idea—an invention on paper? Or did Dad draw it to document something he saw or remembered? I'll never know.

Dad would have considered this sketch nothing more than a doodle—something to pass the time. He certainly wouldn't have considered it presentable. I would give my eye-teeth to draw so well.

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