Sat, 05 Jul 2003

While you were away…

Dead drunk in pool April and I had some fun. Family friends asked her to care for their animals while they were away for the holiday weekend. They told her to feel free to use the pool. So, even before they left town, we hatched a plan for a bit of a prank, Internet style.

Yesterday, we drove over with a grocery sack full of empty beer bottles as props and a digital camera. April took pictures while I modeled my swim wear. (No commercial offers, please — it’s just a hobby. <g>)

Our biggest problem was finding empty beer bottles. Where do you find them the day after trash pickup and a holiday to boot? Sad, but true, I dumped many good bottles of perfectly good beer down the drain. Our little project was more important at the time than our cooler full of beer.

You can see a few more of our favorite shots here.

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