Sat, 06 Mar 2004

Mom’s music preservation project

Mom sent me about 35 stereo cassette tapes of her favorite music. The tapes are aging. She asked me to transfer the music to CDs so she can listen to her music on her new CD player.

I bought a decent stereo cassette deck on eBay for about $15. At my local Radio Shack, I picked up a cable to connect the RCA output to my sound card. I've been using a snd to record each tape to a WAV file. Then I use snd to extract each song into a separate file. I use cdrecord to burn CDs with a track for each song.

Her new CD player is supposed to play MP3 files. So, I've been using lame to encode MP3 files for each track. When I've finished creating normal, audio CDs, I'll create a couple of CDs for her with the MP3s files. They may prove to be more manageable.

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