Sun, 06 Jul 2003

Getting mail to AOL users

Since finally getting broadband Internet access a few weeks ago, I have very much enjoyed the ability to host my own web server and mail server.

Today, however, I had trouble sending e-mail to a couple of AOL users in my address book. I remembered reading a /. article about AOL blocking e-mail from DSL hosted accounts, so I immediately recognized the problem.

Fortunately, solving it was trivial. I prefer to let my mail server, running Exim, send mail directly, but adding a smarthost router entry for AOL was quick, easy, and solved the problem:

   driver = domainlist
   transport = remote_smtp
   route_list = " bydns_a"

I just inserted the smarthost entry ahead of my default lookuphost router entry. Now, mail to users is sent via my ISP's mail server. Everything else is still sent directly.

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